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MIR schools are a bright light and while learning students are given so much beyond academics.  Our schools are modern, beautifully maintained safe spaces with the best educational professionals, as well as enhanced programs in music, the arts, science and technology.

 Most of all MIR students are valued members of the community with whom the future of a better Dominican Republic is assured. At MIR every child is a miracle in the making and with your help we can reach so many more.

With its three schools, MIR Elementary School, Politecnico Fundacion MIR (High School for Girls), and Politecnico MIR Esperanza (High School for Boys), MIR Charities offers students strong academics, cutting edge technology, and technical career training in a loving and supportive environment.

If you have visited the Dominican Republic you have seen for yourself what poverty is on the island.  Generational poverty with few avenues of escape and few ways for young boys and girls to avoid the pitfalls of communities plagued by joblessness and hopelessness. I know you can imagine the worst and it is.

Please join us as we strive to make the world a better place, one child at a time.